Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Alaska Day 7 - i'm too lazy to rotate my picture

So, even though we aren’t going to anymore ports or anything, there are still numerous adventures all over the ship.

First of all, let me share a little snippet of our on-ship itinerary options with you:

Bridge Play with your fellow guests
Sailaway Music with the Sun Show Band
Art Lecture
Color me Beautiful Seminar
“The Glaciers of Alaska” lecture
Board Games with your fellow guests
Pilates class
“How to buy the best mutual fund”
Amber seminar and sale
Eat more to weigh less seminar
Afternoon Trivia
Enjoy the Music of the Brothers and friends Trio

And that’s only between noon and 5 pm. There is ALWAYS something to do. The casino, bingo, scavenger hunts, bands, crafts, movies, shows, 70’s dance parties, seminars, entertainment. You’re definitely never bored.

There are also 10 different restaurants on board. We were treated really well. Throughout the week I ate dishes such as filet mignon, new york strip steak, lobster tail, some fancy fish, etc. And everything was so excellent. Always good desserts, it was very fun to feel so pampered.

Did I mention that everyday our room steward comes to our room twice – once to make up the beds for the day and again in the evening to get the beds ready for bedtime? We are way too pampered here. Plus, my favorite part, at night they leave a towel on our bed folded as a animal of some sort. Isn’t that awesome?

Today we got to go on a ship-wide scavenger hunt which actually turned out to be one of the funnest parts of the trip. We were ripping around the ship trying to get signatures, tokens, and answers to questions before the time ran out. We did pretty good and got 2nd place! Below you can find a picture of me modelling our stellar prizes:

Also, today my family has developed a taste for Karaoke. My mom and my aunt stole the show and sang like 4 songs. This wasn't hard since there was about 4 more people listening in the audience. I went up with Lisa and Jan, both whom kindly kept their mouths as far away from the mike as possible so that it was only me that everybody could hear. Thanks, guys. Thankfully there were only 4 people listening.

We met up with these 2 other girls our age for dancing in Dazzles Disco a few times. They are cousins from Montreal and Ottawa. They are pretty dissapointed that there's like 7 of us on board under the age of 40. I think maybe they were wanting to hook up with some single guys, but there are slim pickings on this boat, for sure.

Finally, I got chosen to be one of the participants in “The Weakest Link.” Seriously, my worst nightmare – I got voted off first. Perhaps the other ladies were just concerned that I was the prettiest and they wanted me off the stage. But it probably has to do more with the fact that I answered every single question wrong. Who was the dictator of the Philippines? Seriously. Am I supposed to know every single oppressor in the world? I’m not quite that good.
I couldn’t remember anyone’s name so I relied on an arrow to try to vote out the guy beside me. It didn’t work.

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That Elephan ROCKS! Hope ur well.