Monday, November 19, 2007

What is justice without love?

Glad to see such controversy, Zac and Chris. Thanks for the respectful dialogue.

Onto other matters:

Jeremy John and I have very different stories and backgrounds. Interestingly, we have come to similar conclusions about some significant issues. Check out his thoughts below:

So I seek to change the world by loving others. I seek to change structures and hearts, focusing on the latter. I don’t believe structural change will matter unless it is undertaken with pure and loving hearts. The political arena is a battleground for good and evil . . . The real battlefield is the human heart, where the struggle to love and forgive others takes place. Jesus didn’t end the oppression of structures by setting up a Jewish state. Instead, he lived and died for love and truth. He won the greatest victory over oppression by simply ignoring its power to rule over him, even its power to take his life.
I still get outraged at injustice, but I try to avoid letting indignation turn into hatred towards systems or the people in them. Such hatred is as destructive as the system that it seeks to destroy.

Where I was once cold and angry, focused on structures, I am now warmer and focused on people. I read and write less about politics, but I am more involved in groups working for change. I used to be very critical of political groups, and was therefore somewhat of a loner. Now, I forgive the faults as best I can and I just show up. I care less about facts or about proving the current government has lied or manipulated than I do about working with people, for people. My belief in the need for social justice has not changed, but now I come from a place of love rather than a place of justice. And what is justice without love?

- “Salvation in Ill-Fitting Blue Pants” Jeremy John. Geez, Winter 2006.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Eternal Forces

Again, relativly old news, but I would really like to hear your response.

The "New" (well, now old, 'cause I am slow) Left Behind video game. Check out the video:

Check out this response from Alternet.


1. What is your reaction to the game itself?

2. AlterNet's responded to both the game itself and Left Behind's requests of the Christian community. What is your reaction to their reactions?

Looking for responses. Zac, I'm counting on you for sure. :-)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

27 . . . but i don't feel a day over 30.

thanks for everyone's well wishes and cheesecake for my numerous birthday celebrations around the city. I love you all. I still have more birthday celebrations to come. thanks, friends!

How are you all? Hmmm?

Do you know that bears aren't hibernating anymore? This is actually relativly old news, but still relatively shocking.

D'ya like how I snuck in that fun environmental fact during my ramblings about myself? Yes, it is a gift.

Pretty much I am ranting. I'm done now.