Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Celebration of Mennonite-ness

Starring my friend Kurt.

Pay careful attention to the lack of dancing ability among the crowd.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

jello, everybody.

been listening to some old radio programs (including commercials) and that line is my favorite.

what to say? so much has been going on. what an incredible summer. full of change, surprises, many many blessings. i ws away from winnipeg for 5 full weeks this summer! montreal, st. john's, minneapolis, halifax. its been good. i am feeling so refreshed, so focused. so ready to kick some ass for jesus (like, in a godly and compassionate way).

i feel good - i feel back on track. i feel happy and light and free and all of that good stuff. ready to dig into some intense ministry again, ready to celebrate life and all of that. confront past hurts, look forward to the future. what a wild ride.

i am thankful for friends, Christ, family, curry, good weddings, coffee, my job, the people in my life. i could go on.

i am gushing.

thanks for sticking by me, everyone. you are dear to me.

too cheesy? i mean it. warm fuzzies, everyone.

Friday, August 08, 2008

so i am sitting here . . . right now . . . in Montreal.

it is incredible here. i am at the General Assembly of the World Student Christian Federation. Reps from over 100 countries are here, hashing out church controversies, praying, worshipping together, dealing with conflict. it is so cool.

today the African delegates lead us in worship. Last night I was at a party with people from so many countries, hanging out together, laughing, singing beer songs, and learning what they call a dog's bark in like 18 different languages.

i don't think i make sense, but that is because i am a little bit tired.

i love ecumenism. i think my place is here, working among the different, diverse streams of Christianity. though it causes problems (SO MANY PROBLEMS) I find it so valuable, so beautiful. I have grown and changed through this work. I am thankful to be here.

i am having an incredible time. it is so encouraging, so cool, to be around such a diverse group of passionate people.

i am happy.

just wanted to say that. thanks for listening.