Tuesday, August 19, 2008

jello, everybody.

been listening to some old radio programs (including commercials) and that line is my favorite.

what to say? so much has been going on. what an incredible summer. full of change, surprises, many many blessings. i ws away from winnipeg for 5 full weeks this summer! montreal, st. john's, minneapolis, halifax. its been good. i am feeling so refreshed, so focused. so ready to kick some ass for jesus (like, in a godly and compassionate way).

i feel good - i feel back on track. i feel happy and light and free and all of that good stuff. ready to dig into some intense ministry again, ready to celebrate life and all of that. confront past hurts, look forward to the future. what a wild ride.

i am thankful for friends, Christ, family, curry, good weddings, coffee, my job, the people in my life. i could go on.

i am gushing.

thanks for sticking by me, everyone. you are dear to me.

too cheesy? i mean it. warm fuzzies, everyone.


Tricia said...

I miss you.

Jessica said...

I like this post! I especially love that you included curry as something to be thankful for. Happy to hear how refreshed and light you feel. Love you!

Anonymous said...

wait. you like coffee? did I know this? ahh!


Sabrina said...

I think you're cute. I like you.