Monday, February 25, 2008


The Psalms defy our notions of profane and sacred, proving that everything we feel, witness, do unto others, and have done to us is acceptable subject matter for conversing with the Divine. They invite us to bring every part of ourselves into our houses of worship. If we omit expressions of faith lost, of rage, of disdain, and of the desire for revenge, we leave parts of ourselves at the door.
-Kari Jo Verhulst

Thursday, February 14, 2008

a new low in lameness


In the spirit of crappy Facebook plug-ins, it’s time to play “Which Star Trek Character are you?”

1. It is mating season. You . . .
a. Go crazy and try to kill your captain ‘cause you think he wants your chick
b. Get bitten on your face by your sexy lady
c. Procreation of the human species is inefficient.
d. Dammit, Jim. I am a doctor not a sex therapist!

2. You are fighting an enemy. You . . .
a. Pinch him on the neck
b. Cut off his head with a bat’leh
c. Assimilate him. Oh, wait. You don’t do that anymore.
d. He’s dead, Jim.

3. It is supper time. You would enjoy
a. Anything that doesn’t involve animal flesh
b. A bowl of live worms
c. An efficient pill which contains all daily nutritional requirements.
d. Fried Chicken.

Answer: If you're still reading this, you truly are a geek. Congratulations. Let's celebrate together by watching 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I have been bothered lately by how few REAL life skills I have. If suddenly there was no Safeway or IGA or Harry’s Foods (sniff, sniff), how would I eat? Honestly, I would starve. So I have been striving to learn about gardening, canning, baking, and other skills which everybody used to know.

This has been both fun and frustrating. But mostly fun. So yesterday I decided I should at least attempt to make a dietary staple of mine – a loaf of bread.

I don’t actually know anybody who makes bread. Or if they do, I don’t know that I know. So I grabbed an old Mennonite cookbook and went at ‘er.

And, to my surprise, they turned out. 4 loaves (well, 3 and a little one). They rose. They baked. Were a bit dark and crunchy, but were basically very edible and tasty. I am so pleased with myself. This is a really weird life marker, but it is important to me.

I took pictures of my wonderful loaves (mental note: don’t say that out loud). It’s a bit of a drama loading them onto my work computer, so I am having trouble sharing them with you. I’ll give you an idea of what it looks like:

That’s a bit deceptive. Here is an artist’s drawing of my loaves:

That’s more like it. So thanks for reading my tale of the loaves. One step closer to being a truly self-sufficient human being. Yay!