Thursday, November 30, 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

surgeon general's warning

Do NOT go see Fast Food Nation. It can be hazardous to your health. One of, if not the WORST movies I have EVER seen. bad writing, bad acting, even set lighting which does not fit the tone of the movie. I have never seen this much unnecessary drama since the Backstreet Boys came to Winnipeg (that one's for you, Kara). I would rather watch 18 hours straight of full house, sticking a needle into my eye everytime Michelle says "You got it dude" than have unsuspecting friends throw away their money and time on this movie.
Anyway, enough of that rant.

A few weeks ago me, Mom, Candy, and Lisa went down to the states for some serious female bonding. Enjoy the pics:

Monday, November 20, 2006


Last week I watched the film "Everything is Illuminated" with a very small group of people. The first half of the movie was honestly one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I laughed so hard, I even did my famous cackle. It was "premium."
The second half was significantly more intense, emotional, and sad. It was deep. Sometimes too deep for me or my boss or other people in the group who tried to understand what the heck happened at certain parts. But it was very good and very enjoyable and I would like other people to see it so that I could quote all of the funnyness like Napoleon Dynamite and so we could all laugh together. Sammy David Jr. Jr.?

Afterwards we had a discussion - the movie was about a young Jewish man who was trying to dig into his family history. Lots of stuff about the Nazis, and lots of painful memories of people. During the discussion an individual said, and I use these quotes loosely, "The essence of Christianity is believing, while the essence of Judaism is remembering." I believe he was quoting a rabbai friend of his, which hopefully gives this more credibility.

This made me ponder a lot and has made me feel very jealous towards Judaism. The essense of Christianity is believing - that is very true. But honestly, sometimes that sucks. Or that is a very frustrating and struggling thing for me. To have something so intangible, something that can at times be so plagued with doubt that you doubt its very credibility, that it is very hard sometimes to find meaning in believing something which you cannot see. There are often days, weeks, - sometimes significantly longer, which I try so hard to find something meaningful in this world in the lens of Christianity and of Christ, and I cannot. The purpose of pain and suffering in this world is one which plagues me because the point of it seems so "out there," so intangibly hard to grasp in light of our (and, most especially, friends and family's) mortality. I used to be able to see meaning in pain for the purpose of character building, soul building, but since J's death this has been hard and I have become cynical about this. It is hard to hold onto hope and hard to find value in something that seems so utterly unnecesary.

i think spelled that wrong.

I envy Judaism. To have an essence in remembering - to be able to point to that for meaning, to find value and, to a point, salvation, in remembering the past - that i can see is very significant. very poignant, and very powerful. Also very much more excitingly tangible. I personally can see very much significance, power, and meaningfulness in this essence.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

anybody like heathen music?

I have an extra ticket for Powerball on Thursday (Theory of a Dead Man, 3 Days Grace, and some other groups I don't care about). Wanna come? Or know somebody who wants to come? (I can make friends, pretty easily. They won't even have to talk to me. Just buy me a corn dog and I'll be happy). Email me or post a comment if you don't have my email addy, or if you merely are a strange person who doesn't know me but wants to get in on this.

Monday, November 13, 2006

ramblings . . . not even good ones

First of all, kudos to Dave for beating me to a posting on the Easy Answer Squirrel. Check out Wondercafe, and click on the squirrel on the lower right. Awesome. Also, if you are bold enough, check out the print ads (click on “Ad Campaign”). They are wonderfully disturbing.

Onto other things. Some weeks it is hard to find something to post on, but this week it is far too easy. I am quite stressed out and as such don’t think that I am physically able to put much feelings into words, at least not effectively. So I will choose one of the simplest thoughts I have had this week and try to be coherant – hopefully my thoughts on the rest will sustain until I actually have time to devote to writing about them.

During my weekly SCM group at the U of M, we were speaking about lots of issues – liberation theology, human rights, peace – the normal good stuff. We were also speaking about choices, that there are so many choices out there, so many choices, both good and bad, to make which help or harm people (or help or harm ourselves). Sometimes it is difficult to make a descent choice – even when the shades of good and back are pretty starkly black and white. Then one of the individuals said something along the lines of “We have already made our decision on what we are going to. We decided to follow Jesus. That’s it.” That was pretty cool. It is funny to think about how many things that I struggle with – how many things that I toy with what to do – when, if I am truthful to my testimony, I have already decided about long ago. It’s a funny, and even liberating way to think about life. Should I forgive this person? That’s not even a question. I decided years ago that I would follow Jesus. Following Jesus means living a life of forgiveness. I think the hardest questions in terms of this fall around issues which are a bit grey, especially those which mostly affects me and not anybody else. The biggest issues for me lately in this respect is, “should I keep pursuing this faith?” “should I keep striving to become closer to Christ?” “should I keep pursuing justice even though it seems so useless and it doesn’t seem to make any difference?” “should I do my best to follow Jesus today?” Yes. I made up my mind about these a long time ago. It’s silly to even come back to them – I gave that answer years ago, I made up my mind long ago. I will pursue Jesus. I will strive to become more like Him in my attitudes, spirit, and behaviors. Frick, that’s hard. But beautiful. And that’s cool.

Monday, November 06, 2006

2 important things . . .

Check out "The Wuzzles" blog - you can find their link under "Links" (I know, I am creative) on the right hand side. You can see my stellar Care Bear birthday cake there! Thanks, all for the great birthday parties from this last week!

Thought for the week: "It needs to start feeling strange when you flush the toilet with water that you could be drinking." - Anna Weier (Geez Magazine, Summer 2006) In light of severe water shortages worldwide and the upcoming water crisis, it has started feeling strange to me already. Anybody have any thoughts on this? I don't have the time or energy to expand today, but "they" say that the wars of the future will be fought over water . . .

The Council of Canadians (of which I am a proud member) has lots of info on Water privitization, water as a human right, Canada's water policy, etc, if you want to read up a bit on water issues, if I haven't already preached enough to you personally.