Monday, November 27, 2006

surgeon general's warning

Do NOT go see Fast Food Nation. It can be hazardous to your health. One of, if not the WORST movies I have EVER seen. bad writing, bad acting, even set lighting which does not fit the tone of the movie. I have never seen this much unnecessary drama since the Backstreet Boys came to Winnipeg (that one's for you, Kara). I would rather watch 18 hours straight of full house, sticking a needle into my eye everytime Michelle says "You got it dude" than have unsuspecting friends throw away their money and time on this movie.
Anyway, enough of that rant.

A few weeks ago me, Mom, Candy, and Lisa went down to the states for some serious female bonding. Enjoy the pics:


Kara said...

I am so honored that I made it on to your blog. Thanks for the shout out.
I hope you had a great day and I hope your week is good. Thanks for all the good laughs on Saturday in the "Sacred Car"

Tricia said...

I think that's more pics than I've ever seen on your blog... You're looking good as always.


kris jablonski said...

so that's what it was..."you got it dude!" i should have remembered that...thats my most favorite saying of all time...thanks for letting me crash on your bed with odie...i had a good time tasting all those jellies and dips with you...we should do it again sometime...

love you muchly, stink :)

Rach said...

Yeah, I agree. That movie wasn't fun. Thanks for hanging out with me~~

See you again soon.^^