Monday, July 30, 2007

New York. New York was a blast. I didn't really have much time to look around for fun - most of my time was spent in meetings. But my biggest impressions can be found in the pictures, as well as in point form below:

1. New York stinks. Like garbage and urine. And lots of both. It is literally inescapable.

2. I was evangelized about 28 times in my 3 days. Mostly by slightly frightening hellfire folks. But I appreciated their intentions.

3. There is a weird sense of community in New York. And also a strange understanding of social rules. People look out for each other, generally. But don't EVER stop moving on the sidewalk, or you'll be told numerous nasty things. And for heaven's sake, when you walk into a cafe, don't think. Just order, or you'll be yelled at by angry service people.

4. The NY Skyline:

5. My mother will be happy to know that, even when she wins the lottery, she will still have bargain options.

6. The World Trade Centre - not an experience I am comfortable with sharing over electronic means. But I thought you would want to see a picture. Notice the hoards of tourists.

7. Much of the hip-happening parts of NY reminded me of Las Vegas. Here are some pictures of Times Square. Notice the sea of yellow taxis. There were signs everywhere which threatened a $350 fine for honking, but people didn't really care. I got honked at lots, mostly due to my laid-back Winnipeg pedestrian attitude. My bad.

8. People told me that there would be lots of police in NY. But they didn't tell me that lots of them rode around in golf carts. That, my friend, is funny.

9. I stayed in a hostel in Greenwich. There are lots of front steps in this area of NY, just like in the movies. And people sit on them and smoke and talk, just like in the movies.
The red sign below is a sign that was posted in my hostel.

10. New York Harbour! Very pretty in the morning. Also a picture with me with The Brooklyn Bridge. I think my Dad is most jealous of this experience.

11. The statue of liberty. Pretty anticlimactic. You can barely see her. You can take a boat tour closer, but security is tighter than it is in the New York airport. Not too worth it, I think.
12. Even though I promised my Mom I wouldn't go to Central Park for fear of being accosted or mugged, my friend from Cleveland and I braved it. And so glad we did! Beautiful park in the middle of the city. We didn't even get hit on, never mind mugged. Stupid NY.

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Bryan said...

I love point #2 "but I appreciated their intentions." It made me laugh.