Thursday, July 26, 2007


In June I also got to go to a conference in Saskatoon. I was actually very impressed with Saskatoon – it is a very beautiful city. People are great, great relaxing atmosphere. My only complaint is that it is a bit *boring* Seriously, the malls all closed at 6 everyday (except for “Saskatoon Party Wednesdays” where they stayed open until 9).

University of Saskatchewan is the COOLEST campus I’ve ever experienced. So beautiful – such distinct, consistent old buildings. Great pride in how things look, great signage. Awesome displays of old dinosaurs and cool things to see. UofW and UofM should take some lessons.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with my friend, former co-worker, and bunny hug lover Brenda. She showed me the serious Saskatoon underground, including a mean carrot cake and some very spicy coffee drinks.

The best part of Saskatoon is this walking bridge they have – it’s actually a train bridge! We waited and waited and finally a train came! It was so cool. Brenda almost lost her arm, and I think I would have been legally responsible, since I dared her to touch the rushing train. It is so dangerous, so fun, and so cool to be so close to a fast-going train! It actually stopped on the track for a bit and I touched it. Yep. Didn’t even get arrested, though I think Brenda saw the side of me that is absolutely terrified of breaking the law.
Way to go, Saskatoon. You impressed me. That hasn’t happened since I discovered the wonder that is Albert St. Burgers.

Pics of the U of S Campus:

This is where the U of S President gets to live. Jealous, Lloyd?

Random Saskatoon Funness.

Train Bridge! Freaking yeah!


DAve & JAnie said...

A post! Good pictures! We had a train bridge literally across the street from our house. My mom always told us about articles in the paper of families walking along the tracks, over the bridge when a train would happen upon then. With nowhere to go really they would try to stand on the side of the bridge, but the train would come and push them into the slew (a thick muddy river of poo that flowed under the bridge), and they would die because you can't swim in the slew. The stories were true, at least the one time she told them to us, because I saw the article. After that I think she just kept pulling out the same story, and saying with was new. She was trying to stop us from walking along the tracks with fear. Instead we just practiced running really fast along the tracks incase a train did come. The thing about the slew and nowhere to go really was true too! I was a pretty stupid kid, hanging out on lethal tracks. I always wondered if the bodies were still at the bottom with my poo.
Glad you came back safe though!

Brenda said...

A wonderful evening indeed!! Thanks for the fun... I think my arm is starting to heal now... or perhaps the tip of my finger... where's my 10 bucks??? HAH!!