Thursday, July 12, 2007

Potter Party!

Harry Potter PartyFriday July 20, 2007 10:00pm
McNally Robinson Booksellers presentsHarry Potter, The Final ChapterParty in the ParkFriday, July 20th10:00 p.m. - MidnightAssiniboine Park Conservatory and adjacent fieldsDarkness will prevail. BYOF (Bring Your Own Flashlight)Rain, glow or moonbeam.Books available for voucher holders, promptly at midnight at distribution points posted on the map.
Forbidden Follies
The Forbidden Forest will come alive inside the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. Amidst the dark and haunting flora of the Palm House, find creatures of the Forbidden Forest peeking out of decayed and petrified trees, nestled in ancient burrows and hanging from musty moss-filled works of nature. Carefully meander along the forest floor as Dumbledore directs your night-dreams, Mrs. Weasley consoles, Hagrid encourages, Mad Eye Moody glares, Professor Sprout skillfully plants screaming mandrakes, and Filch admonishes you. Wee ones may find this exhibit frightful.
Diagon Alley
Stroll through the shops of Diagon Alley inside the Conservatory. Bring along a few sickles, galleons and knuts if you want to take home small mementos. Wizardly items, creepy creatures, wavering wands, and Harry Potter books will line the store shelves of Flourish & Blotts, Eeylops Owl Emporium and Ollivanders Fine Wands. Gringotts Bank will be nearby for last minute Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows voucher purchases.
Magical Magniloquence
Hogwarts students eagerly await the return of visiting professor, Wizard Woodwarden, better known to muggles as Magician Mike Bayer. Rumoured to be performing free fifteen minute shows commencing at 10:00 p.m. muggles are encouraged to use their pocket sneakoscopes to peer into the Wizard’s temporary shelter. Look for the big white tent located outside the Conservatory. Suitable for all ages of Hogwarts students. You’ll learn all about the dark arts, apparating, and scornful curses but remember that laughter is the key to repelling those Boggarts.
Madcap Mayhem & Music
Madcap musician Mr. Mark will entertain Hogwarts students in desperate need of frivolity between their N.E.W.T. studies. Mr. Mark will be performing in one of the field tents commencing at 10:20, 11:00 and 11:40 p.m. Accompanied by an odd and unusual assortment of percussion instruments, Mr. Mark inspires even the most rhythmically-challenged student. Expect a lively interactive show of toe-tapping, wand-waving and spell-binding jocularity.
Consolation and Comfort
Madam Pomfrey will be on hand to dispense first aid to all those in need. Bearing bandages and balms, Nurse Pomfrey will banish all the boo-boos and instill bravery in students fearful of He Who Must Not Be Named. Located in the Consolation and Comfort Infirmary, Nurse Pomfrey will be aided by the very competent crew and volunteers from St. John’s Ambulance. This is also the spot for lost kids to meet up with their harried parents. Check the map before the event for this important meeting spot located on the fields adjacent to the Conservatory. Professor Ludicrous Loquacious (aka Ron Robinson, a close friend of the Weasley brothers) will drop in from time to time to console lost souls with the odd bad joke. Professor Loquacious will also bring his questionable humour and levity to crowds throughout the party grounds.
Divine Divination
Professor Sibyll Trelawney will bring her fortune-telling and divination experience to the students of Hogwarts. The bespectacled and sometimes reclusive Trelawney will be found in her canvas lodging on the grounds across from the Conservatory. Her flair for the astrological, combined with her clairvoyant tendencies will bring good fortune to all students willing to gaze into her crystal ball. Professor Trelawney has donated her services for the evening to ensure that disadvantaged mudbloods can receive positively psychic predictions and prophecies.
Mellisonant & Melodious
The Ministry of Magic has commissioned medieval and celtic musicians Comhaltas Winnipeg to wander the alleys and streets of Hogsmeade to quell the fears of local residents about a possible re-emergence of “He Who Must Not Be Named”. The lyrical solace of the strolling minstrels will be appreciated by all Hogwarts students and their guardians. Costumed in the latest ensemble from Madam Malkin’s boutique, they will also perform on-stage at 10:00, 10:40, and 11:20 p.m. playing medieval and celtic concert winds and strings, the Irish Bodhran Drum and penny whistles. Paul and Susan Hammer will be joined by a fiddling sensation at each show to add levity and lightness to this otherwise dark and murky evening.
Magical Creatures
Owls, rats, snakes and spiders have found a temporary home on the fields adjacent to the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. Wizard Strix Nebulosa of the Zoological Society of Manitoba will be bringing his friends from the Manitoba Wildlife Rehabilitation Organization to teach classes in the Care of Magical Creatures. The parselmouth wizard will recite the responsibilities that accompany caring for creatures from the Forbidden Forest.
Starry, Starry Night
The dark and shadowy grounds of Assiniboine Park, close to the cricket pavilion, will offer special classes in Astronomy. Professor Sibyll Trelawney predicts the celestial skies over the park will give Hogwarts students a first-hand opportunity to view the stars through the telescopes of the Manitoba Museum’s Planetarium. Professor Stellar Astronimus and his colleagues will impart all of the important information necessary to pass the fifth year Astronomy O.W.L.
Appearances by the Dragon Dancers, fire dancer Ignatio Firenzo and juggler No Strings Attached will entertain the wizards, witches,and muggles of Hogsmeade as they rove through the village and Conservatory area. Thanks to the efforts of the Ching-Wu Athletic Club, Dave Corby and Myron Pauls, party-goers can expect to be mystically entranced by their transcendent efforts.
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DAve & JAnie said...

did you write all that or did you get it from somewhere? it sounds fan-frickin-tastic! I want to go, but my wee witch is still too small.
We have been watching through the movies to freshen up our minds for #5.. have you seen it yet?
Have a good weekend then!