Thursday, January 18, 2007

thought of the day . . . and invite

'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.'
Do I fear being poor, in spirit or otherwise, and prefer to be rich in
brains, money, or influence? Is my desire for poverty of spirit
congruent with my lifestyle? Do I use the word of God to rationalize my
lifestyle, or am I willing to have God's word criticize it? Do I cling
to my own ideas, opinions, and judgments sometimes to the point of
- Doris Donnelly

not related (well, it could be. Yes, actually it is related) - I am going to the Cinematheque on Monday evening (cheap night - $4!) to see the movie Wal-Town. Info is to your right. Wanna come? Open invite to all. Perhaps a coffee or a beer at The Line Up afterwards to discuss? i can drive people home afterwards if needed.

I can't promise it will be a good movie, as I haven't seen it. But I can promise to look attractive and I'll try to sound really smart. Really, that's the least that I can do for my friends.


Jess said...

i'm interested! i'll get back to you with a definite answer soon.

Stephen said...

I'm interested, but being a business student I can't subject myself to the influence of alternate opinions or thoughts contrary to the teachings of my school. Wal-Mart must always be on the same level as McDonalds. Now what level is McD's at? Well... McD's is my last choice before starvation... They are both interesting business cases though. Disney too... ugh!

Not sure about attendance though.

On the quote at the beginning. Are we allowed to comment on that?

/rach said...

I can't wait to hear the smart things you have to say. And to remember how attractive you are. See you soon.

Tricia said...

I want to come. Will you pay for my flight back? Or will you fly me in your private jet?