Saturday, January 06, 2007

star trek marathon

happening tomorrow (sunday) at a revised time - 2 pm to 10 pm. this allows me some family time in the morning. dave and janie are coming - you know you have true friends when they watch crappy 90's sci fi episodes with you in your dungeon apartment. thanks, friends. anybody else want to come, you are welcome!


Anonymous said...

Bre, I would love to come over, but I work plus coming from Edmonton would take a bit of time, not to much time though. I love Star trek, I watched a Borg Marathon today. I will email you soon, I am visiting in Winnipeg mid Feb, hopefully see you then. Later, Colin

Tricia said...

Unfortunately the vast geographical distance, and lack of finances makes it virtually impossible for me to attend your Star Trek party.

Besides the fact that I would probably ruin your party, as I cannot stand anything from the genre of Fantasy and would probably contemplate suicide sometime during the event. But I suppose I could enjoy myself as long as I had my knitting.

Love you,

Steve & Gillian said...

Star Trek?! What? I had no idea Bre . . . oh well, I still love you and enjoy our little rendezvous at work. Will you be stopping by soon? Are you, by any chance, attending the Merton conference at U of W? Hope today is great and brings you many moments of happiness.