Tuesday, January 02, 2007

not about christmas

apologies to my readership - i was not able to post over christmas due to a crippling lack of internet access.

some news. Due to some very lucky pharoahs, I now own the complete Star Trek The Next Generation series on DVD. Call me a geek, but this pleases me.

I am declaring a ST TNG marathon - the best episode of each season played on the hour from 12-7 pm at my house. perhaps sunday the 7th? i know i will probably be alone in my marathon-ness, but any closet geeks are invited. feel free to come in disguise so that nobody recognizes you. Don't worry, its east kildonan, so no respectable people will be around to see your secret shame.

i'm serious. i think i'm doing it. Wear your uniform and bring your bat'leh. Gagh will be served, don't worry.

Oh, yeah. Action of the week: Save The Court Challenges Program of Canada. The Conservative Government has decided to cancel this national program. Want to do something about it? Click the link above.

Later, friends.


Janie said...

me personality profile from 'the book' tells me that i live to be happy. I think it is true... but it also says that i am unnaturaly happy most of the time. This is true too. I feel shallow when i read about my personality. Ha ha, oh well. I'm happy about it anyway...

I think we will be at your house sunday afternoon, but uhm, we have small group that night, so just for the afternoon!
see ya

sarah said...

*points* Neeeeeeeerd!

I love you Bre. in all your nerdy glory.

chris said...

I really want to go. I am VERY jealous that you have all of that delicious TNG... However, I am constrained by my duties here, as that is when the students return.