Monday, January 15, 2007

1998. What a good year.

Man, I’m such a loser. But nothing else gets me going like Skillet’s 1998 album entitled, “Hey, You, I Love Your Soul.” (Really, what kind of an album name is that?) But their worshipful lyrics, simple yet soulful style, get me everytime. I brought the CD to work today and was cranking it (as much as I can) in my office. And I couldn’t help but sing softly to the words, and praise God through that. That was cool, though I closed my door and tried very hard to be unhearable to the general public. Not because I am ashamed of the words or the action of worship, but because I am not musical and can’t really sing.

It’s funny how people protest when I claim I am not musical. This statement surprises them probably just as much as their surprise surprises me. “But you play drum,” they say. Sort of. I have no musical background. I know that A’s, B’s, and C’s have some sort of relevance beyond the Sesame Street spelling type, but I honestly don’t know the difference. I know there is such a thing as keys, but I can’t tell the difference between them. I recently learned what a “false crescendo” is, although I don’t think I can spell it right. Really, when you get right down to it, I hit things. I hit my drum. If that is not available, I hit my chair, or my thighs. (no, I don’t hit babies. Only Chuck Norris does that). I hit things. Sometimes I hit them in a way which is meaningful to me as an offering to Christ. Sometimes I get carried away in this. Sometimes others are blessed through this, which blows me away but is pretty exciting, really.

So there you go. Skillet’s still cool, 9 years later. Worship is such a large sometimes intangible thing, but there are moments where I can grasp ahold of a little part of it, in my office, with my drum, sometimes with other people. That’s cool. Just some thoughts.

Hold me down ‘cause I want to know you
You bring calm to my rage
You are life and I’m thirsting for you
Hold me, hold me, locked in a cage
I love to be caught by you
I wanna be trapped in your arms
Your cage is rest to my bones
Your cage is peace to my soul
Wrapped up inside your arms
Locked up inside you
- Locked in a Cage, Skillet


Kara said...

Just so you know, there is nothing wrong with Skillet. I personally think that they are going to be one of those bands that for our generation is just going to always be a cool band. Or maybe not.
I love it that you sing at work. Keep it up! Like the lyrics too!

Stephen said...

I'd sing at work, but Julie studied music and I'm afraid she'll hear me.

Perhaps I should confess some skill to the musical arts, but who cares? God asks for our best whatever that may be. Just too bad for those with skill, because more is expected from them.

Don't let anyone judge your musical taste. I listen to country music along with all my christian and rock music and I'm proud of it. (let the mockery begin... I've heard it all before.)

Lisa said...

Ahhh.....Skillet! The leader in techno christian music.

Bre, you are an amazing musician!! It runs in your family :) I mean, come on.... you can play the drums, pan flute, and are awesome at the rainstick!!