Monday, January 08, 2007


all of you humans who missed out on the Star Trek party missed a good time. A whopping 3 people showed up. (One of them was 11 months old, but she still counts). I took a picture so you could bemoan your absence:

apologies to Dave who was pasted quite badly, and also looks like he is being wripped apart by a Horta.

Zac was unfortunatly not able to come, but was there in spirit, hence his spiritual presence in the upper corner. We missed you, buddy.

Sucks to be everybody else who's not in the picture.


Lori said...

It's great to see Worf made it! Oh, how I miss the evening shift when I could stay up till 2 am watching Next Generation, the only time I could find it on. Sorry I missed out.

Stephen said...

It was a great evening. I would ask though that a different picture be used for photoshop. Although your editing has made a marked improvement in it's appearance I still think it's a horrible picture of me.

JAnie & DAve said...


I TOTALLY want to see more ST:TNG in the near future.