Monday, October 31, 2005

i am loved. thanks.

hello friends.

so i am a quarter century old today. wow. doesn't feel much different than i did yesterday, except now i realize that the next milestone is 30 and that number doesn't seem at all as fun as 25.

i can't imagine that someday i will be 40...50...60. that i will be in an old folks home grabbing the male orderly's butts and trying to start up a food fight in the bingo hall. its a strange and surreal thought. you always know that you will get old someday . . . but if you think about it, it sucks a lot. or does it? i don't want to be confined to a wheelchair or have demensia or cancer or some other horrible thing. it makes me want to grab life more now and go and travel around the world and move my little legs while i still can . . . but work and life seems to get in the way of that. oh well.

a huge thanks to all of my brave friends who came out to my very wet birthday shindig yesterday. i think my feet are now webbed, but hey, it was worth it. i appreciate the sacrifices you all made in the muddy muddy field, adn the fact that your shoes are probably ruined now, not to mention your pants and perhaps our carpet. but it was definitly worth it for me to feel special. just kidding. sort of. i wish we had pictures, but alas. funny how my clothes were still soaking wet this morning. wow.

i have eaten so much cake and sugar i think my body is going into shock. but it feels so good . . .

hey . . . i just saw an updog.


JAnie & DAve said...

Bre! So, are you going to have a cain to hit people when you are old? I think that all that dave will want is peanut butter and he will give all the nurses a hard time when he doesn't get peanut butter with every meal. he will talk all about how it was created for old people, and now that he is one he deserves as much as he likes. The thing is that he will have lost all his teeth like 30 years prior to the nursing home because he ate so much peanut butter that they all fell out. Being old ins't scary, it can be fun!
Keep up the blogging.. the fans will come

-janers (ha ha, i tried to post, but i entered the wrong letters and it is making me try again! hope i can do it this time. feeling challenged this morning!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bre...i found your blog. i liked reading all of your's a good way for me to keep up on your life, since we're both so busy that we never get to actually talk. i'll be seeing you soon. lots of love.