Friday, October 14, 2005


What’s the deal with strangers calling me sweetie and dear? Does this happen to everybody? Am I simply excessively cute? Why do people with whom I only have a one-sentence conversation feel that they have the right to think I am their sweetie?

Ridiculous. And not only with men, but women too which makes me even more uncomfortable because now I am just more confused than ever.

Oh well. My friends are one thing, but weird strangers. Old men are the grossest and the worst at thinking that they have a personal right to my life and my body.

Whoa. This is now a rant.

Something positive . . . got to say something positive . . . nope. Nothing.

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JAnie & DAve said...

Do you like that i am leaving comments for you on all your blogs? Cept on cause it didn't have the comment option. I think you turned it off just so you could be mad that i didn't post anything! He he... "How much is this shampoo sweetie?" you should never work at zellers, you would be led to inappropriate actions against old people. SOme of them even bring in their cameras and take pictures of you, after calling you dear... ewwww... Keep your current job.