Thursday, October 20, 2005

So apparantly none of my highly-educated friends listen to CBC radio, 'cause I was on it. Yeah. I touched the Governor General. I am so cool. I haven't even washed my hand since. She was very strong and confident and approachable. And CBC thought me articulate enough to talk about her on the radio, but then decided to cut my 2 minute interview into a 5 second sound byte. SICK! But that's ok. It was fun anyway.

Hmm. Strange days. Yesterday Odie's mom and dad and brother and grandpa and 3 family friends and one stranger got stuck in our elevator for awhile on our floor. It was sort of funny at first, but then got a little bit heinous. 8 people in our small elevator for awhile. odie and zac and i sat outside in the hallway for a bit, talking to them when we could (they were at our floor, but the door wouldn't open). They were there for an hour, which upset me 'cause its not like odie's grandpa is a young guy. and the stranger lady from the 6th floor was very upset and crying and stuff. not cool. i feel pretty guilty about all of this, and a bit upset at our stupid elevator and the fact that it took 10 minutes for the caretaker to finally come and "check out the situation" and THEN call the repair guy. ridiculous. They couldn't take our word for it on the phone, apparantly, and call the repair guy right away. Stupid. That made me super mad. So he came up and yelled, "Can you press the 8th floor button? Can you press main? OK. Its not working. I'll call the repair guy." As if they wouldn't have thought of that. "oh, maybe we should push a button here and something would happen." if that were me i would be continuously pushing all of the buttons in case something could happen. ridiculous.

i had something to say, but can't think about it now. but that's ok. i guess. hopefully it will come again.

thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...
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JAnie & DAve said...

Bre... ooooooohhhh, what a crappy night. How did you and odie manage not to be in the elevator? That is kinda interesting. Was it full, or were they coming up to visit the apt? I am glad that this story didn't end with the elevator plummiting to the bottom floor, or something equally dreadful. Yeah, your caretaker sounds pretty frusterating... i don't think i would have "maintained my cool" with him/her, i may have gotten really sarcastic and mad. Brutal...
So when/where did you meet the governer general lady... at her dinner thing? I guess i was listening to the CBC at the wrong time.
How is your fresh box this weeK?

Take it easy, and see you soon i am sure.


Anonymous said...

Why do you feel guilty about the stupid elevator??? It wasn't your fault! (Or do you have secret superpowers?)

Talk to me soon!


JAnie & DAve said...

Oh, Bre has super powers. She just knows that the second she uses them, a hoard of would-be super villians would come out of the woodwork and start furstrating all her efforts at maintaining a secret identity. So she could have done more, but at what cost?

Don't worry, Bre. You're flaming-shoot, rocket powered belly-button power is a secret I will not reveal.


Rach said...

Bre!! I got stuck in the elevator, too. But it wasn't for an hour, and this Korean man was in there with super-human strength, and he pulled the doors apart so we could get out and teach our classes. But I think he felt dumb 'cause it was his fault. He moved the tape that clearly said "don't push this button" in Korean. Even though I don't understand Korean, I know it said that. And then we went down intead of up and we got stuck. I like reading your blog because I feel like I am in the same room with you...and that's a wickedawesometothemax place to be. Assah! Talk soon.

Lori said...

Love your blogging....side of you I only sometimes get to see. Sorry to hear about the elevator, just before Sean and I moved to the house I got stuck in our apartment elevator with Richard and I'm such a girl...I was looking for a button or a phone and Richard just pulled the doors open (shrug). So did you actually get to meet Michaelle Jean (?) or just touch her? ttyl. by the way...need a Starbucks fix soon?

JAnie & DAve said...

Update already! It's been, like, a million years since you posted anything! GOSH!

-Janie OR Dave (?)