Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Severed Head Gone?

Some random things that I have been thinking about and confused about.

1. My severed head polar bear pillow is missing. This makes me sad because, although it creeps people out, it is quite a handy and comfertable little thing to have around. Except when the eye balls whack me in the head or something, but mostly i love it. Did somebody steal it? Hide it? Did it re-grow its body and walk away?

2. Spinich on pizza is amazing. How come nobody ever told me this before?

3. A few days ago I got a spam message from a guy named Bart Farley. Does anybody else this that this is really really funny?

4. another spam message I got said, "Thank you for contacting us about your weight problem." Hmm. There are a few options here. one, my friends think i am overweight and am trying to subtly help me out. I appreciate that, thanks, guys. two, this consumeristic image-driven culture has found another way to make me feel like crap about myself. Sad, but I think I would prefer option 1.

5. It hurts when you are yourself and people decide that that is not good enough and that they don't like you anymore. I think that is the worst feeling in the world.

6. My nephew signed me up for these joke text messages, which come every day, and are sometimes dirty. I just heard the message come again and have no idea how to get it off of my phone. any ideas? I replied to the number and asked them to stop, but apparantly they don't care.

7. I think Jesus loves me, but sometimes I am unsure of this.



JAnie & DAve said...

1. I think i am the only other person who likes that pillow, but i swear i didn't take it.
2. Sorry, i knew. Oh, and it's good i soup too.
3. Very funny. Actualy farley on it's own isn't a bad name.. hmmm...
4. Opps, i typed in your addy when i signed up instead of mine, sorry about that
5. I sorta have a half decent solution to this problem: sucker punch them and ask if they like the new you!? Hmmmmmm, am i good or what? No, in all reality, that really does suck. Have you ever seen that bumper sticker that says "mean people suck" well, i think that applies here
6. he didn't sign you up, he did it magically because he is the living harry potter. So, we watched the first one and liked it. I think we will borrow the others from you, or invade your house one evening and hold you and severed head captive for a time while we force you to watch movies you like anyways.. evvvviiilll.

8. you rock!

JAnie & DAve said...

You deleted Wayne's World!
I was just coming to comment on those! Bring it back, I say!


Cheri Dueck said...

re #3: This is an even funnier name if you switch the first letters of the names -- Fart Barley.