Monday, December 12, 2005

does anybody even read my crap?

ha. wouldn't it be fun if there weren't tea leaf readers, but poop stump readers? i would definitly pay some good money for that.

this is getting obscene, and it hasn't even started really. but this is how my mind works. i am infinitly saddened that i don't have anything really substantial to say. there's lots inside of me, but i'm not sure if i can get it out, or if you would even like me anymore if i did. so i think i may just blab on about nothing.

check out the "Reverand Billy and the Church Of Stop Shopping" link to the right. coolio.

I would like to post up a picture of something useful and inspired, but i don't have anything and i still don't really know how to use Paint, so that's not helpful. The great Macintosh let me down yesterday when I wasn't able to play my X-Files DVD-Rom in the drive. Ernie blames Windows. I blame the oppressive capatalist system.

So I am thoroughly enjoying my adbusters magazine, and I encourage you all to get copies, even though it costs like $11 per mag. But then i remember it costs so much because there is no advertising, and then i feel good about it and want to buy 50 for my closest friends and homeless people. hmm. today there was an article about how important it is to buy locally grown stuff. i felt proud. and it said, "hey, you won't get much variety all of the time and you might get spinich, and may have to eat it twice in a week, but its worth it you freaking consumers of all things injust." that's a loose paraphrase, a la chuck nichols. check out fresh options. they're great, and i absolutly love what they do.

ramblings. sorry to dissapoint.
does anybody else think that it is hypocritical that i put a link to the adbusters website above? 'cause I do.


JAnie & DAve said...

Hi Bre! I read your crap. I am going to make Christmas stocking this morning i hope! Off to sewing land.
Love you

JAnie & DAve said...

Yeah, we read your blog all the time. I cannot say, however, that I've read your crap. If you would like others to view and/or interpret your crap, may I suggest

Keep on crappin. I mean bloggin. Whatever.

PS> I can't BELEIVE you deleted my Wayne's World references!

Brak and Zorak said...

At least she didn't delete our comments from "evolve". That would've been a real slap in the face.

A group of For-Real Lawyers said...

Dave is not responsible for any links found on the original websites he links too. Do to the nature of links, weblinks may experience linkage which may or may not result in unwanted linkwebs.

Lori said...

I was just beginning to think the same thing of my blog....but I find it more therapeutic writing as if I think no one is going to read it, I feel I can be more honest. I say go ahead, tell us how you really feel....I'm still reading and I still like you, even when your crap has been a little un-nerving....but that's part of your charm!

Bryan said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Whoa. This isn't as wierd as I thought it would be. I should say something intelligent here:

Anne said...

I just found your page and most definately will be reading it "regularly".