Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP)

Seriously, i think it's important for us all to be aware of what's going on with this issue. Basically, Canada is working on merging many of its policies with the U.S. and Mexico. This would increase "security" and trade, but would mean that Canada would no longer have complete say in its policies, such as who to allow in as refugees or immigrants, what environmental standards to have, etc.

It is basically a merger of Canadian and U.S. policies. Which I think is somewhat dangerous to our sense of identity, as well as dangerous to Canada's commitment to justice in many different areas.

Check out this link for more information.

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Ryan, Jodi & Liam said...

Ok Bre, I'm not making this up but I just wrote a blog last night on the Montebello protest (I'll publish it in a couple of days). Have you seen the video of the provacateur police trying to incite violence so that the riot guys can do their dirty work? It's a must see (on youtube & Council of Canadians site I think- I'll link it on my blog).