Monday, August 27, 2007

Sick Dog

Sometimes I love Oprah. And other times she drives me freaking crazy.

May’s issue had a little segment called “How To Get 7 More Hours Into Your Day.”

It includes tips such as:
1) Don’t listen to the news first thing in the morning (“Depressing reports can distract you from efficiently accomplishing your a.m. routine”)
2) Make good use of waiting time (bring a book or magazine to the bank; don’t go to the doctor without taking something to do)
3) Think “Half-Time” (wear a wireless headset so you can water plants or pick up toys as you talk on the phone . . . “)

Are you kidding me? This segment should really be called “How to Never Rest and Not Be Engaged In the Real World.”

It has been a huge struggle for me to learn to relax – to not attempt to squeeze every single opportunity from every single moment. I have learned to cherish those moments waiting in line because they are a few minutes that I can breathe, ponder, pray. I have learned that my friends, family, and the people I speak to on the phone deserve my full attention, not my half attention because I am too busy dusting my Muppets figures. And don’t even get me started on the “don’t listen to the news” thing. Get real. “Life is too depressing, so just focus on your own problems. Otherwise it might take you longer to do your hair.” Perhaps we are supposed to take moments, to feel emotion when we hear that a bridge has collapsed or that a hurricane has seriously caused pain and disruption in other people’s lives. Maybe that is more important, and more human, than getting out of the door on time.

Seriously, Oprah. You disappoint me.


Ryan, Jodi & Liam said...

I couldn't agree more. I think Oprah is too busy self-worshipping these days. The more money and power she gets, the less human she seems. But since I can't watch her for more than 2 minutes before turning the channel, maybe I'm not qualified to comment.

Ryan, Jodi & Liam said...

That last comment was by Ryan, just for the record- Jodi wouldn't be so harsh.

Kara said...

Amen Bre! I couldn't have said it better myself!!

Naniya said...

Not to be a copy-cat, but my first response was also "amen"! Oprah drives me nuts. And I love it that you are learning to relax. I am actually really proud of you on that point. Way to go, gorgeous!