Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Major award!

So this weekend I won a major award. No, it’s not quite the “soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.” But it does include a 6 month membership to the Y. Yes, the award of health. And great legs. Can’t get much better than that. I didn't win because I am smart, or pretty, but because some nice lady pulled my name out of a paper bag.
I like that lady.


I’ve decided to conduct a potentially revolutionary experiment this summer. I have decided to enjoy myself these next few sunny months. I know that sounds strange. But this year has been so full of obligations and so full of busyness relating to things which I am not interested in. It occurred to me the other day that perhaps God could be glorified by me doing things which I think fun, enjoyable, and feel passionate about.

I’ve realized that there are many things which I am involved in, lots of them which I am sort of confused exactly how I got involved in in the first place. Projects and groups which I really don’t have a strong interest or passion in, but are good things, things which are important, which need to be done, but nobody else seems willing to do. Can you say Messiah complex? I can.
Anyway, the summer of 2007 will be one in which I will focus on enjoying myself, in encouraging the development of my own gifts and interests, into saying yes to activities and involvements which I feel a strong affinity to and to which I believe fit my passions. And, most importantly, to leave time out for simple enjoyment. To take the kids to the park, to go on a mission to find the absolute best burger in Winnipeg, to not schedule every minute of my life (at first I think I will have to schedule in non-scheduling times, which I think sounds ludicrous, but give me some leeway here, I’m a beginner).

Basically, it could turn out to be an exercise in selfishness. Or a realization of what life and true worship is really looks like. The way I figure it, this gives me much more time and flexibility to be with friends, to put people before activities, to enjoy the blessings of this season, and to reconnect with an area of my spirituality which I have been ignoring.

I’ll keep you updated. Official start date is may 1st.

Yes, before you ask - I’ll still be attending work. I have to eat, you know.
oh, yeah. note to Matt Verhoog: Bite me.


chris said...

In the spirit of enjoying yourself, want to go discgolfing sometime? It's fun.

Kendall & Sabrina said...

Bre...I enjoy your summer plan. May I suggest a visit to VJ's on main in your search for the best burger? Maybe you've been and think they're gross - but oh, my tastebuds do enjoy their food.