Monday, March 19, 2007

scary stories

I found this great picture of a wolf and wanted to share it with you:

His jaws are especially frightening.

How the heck is everybody out there? I am freaking tired. Did anybody watch the new Battlestar Gallactica last night? I was too busy crawling through a field of snow getting chased by dogs and trying to rescue my best friend from a certain train-related and deep-snow related death. If any of you got to see B.G, PLEASE DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED.

Back to business.

Sillyness. Silly day. Some crazy church ladies decided that I was princess-worthy and put me in a yellow dress, a tiara, and a lot of sexy makeup. Thanks to Bonnie, Steph, and Jess who decided to give me my extreme makeover. Today I mustered up the courage to put some eyeliner on (both above AND below my eyes . . . crazy!). I think they have convinced me of the value of eyeshadow. Perhaps a trip to the Bay or the Body Shop or some other store which terrifies me may be in order . . . I'll keep you posted.

For all of those Union-types, here's a great article, although a bit outdated:

Video-Game Characters Denounce Randomly Placed Swinging Blades

lates, sk8ers,


Bryan said...

that is one of the scariest wolves I have ever seen. the bible say to watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing. Apparently they are now dressing like deer, too. Freaky.

Tricia said...

I'm convinced Zellers is the place to go for make-up. It's much less scary than those other places. Fewer people looking over your shoulder and offering their expensive help.

Jess said...

I don't see the bushy tail on that it kinda looks like a deer. Oh RIGHT I seem to think they are the same thing! Not sure if many people will understand this. wolf/deer/dolf/weer...yeah.

Dave Colvinson said...

I think you should get your make-up at the same place as that wolf. He's looking MUCH better. Look how smooth his coat is! Don't you want a nice, shiny smooth coat?

/rach said...

I used to be scared of eyeshadow, but now I wear eyeshadow. I don't know how that happened. I usually blame it on Korea and all the cheap makeup stores on every street corner. And subway station. And bookstore. Really.