Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Return of the Tent Bed

Alas, friends. I was trying to be brave and stick out spider season without covering myself in a plastic paradise, but there was a huge spider who made a home RIGHT OUTSIDE OF MY BEDROOM, my cowardice surfaced, and it was done. The tent bed was back. For those of you who are new, the tent bed is the most up-to-date technology in the war against spiders crawling on you when you are asleep.

Weird, but necessary, and it makes me sleep better.

Back in November (I am so freaking late on this one) a group that I am involved in - SCM - had an event on Buy Nothing Day. Buy Nothing Day occurs on or around November 25th each year, and is a day to protest against materialism and corporate control of our culture by refusing to purchase anything on that day and by having events or protests to inform people of the cause.

I was not involved in this event, but heard it was fun. The best story involved a brocolli cell phone, but alas there is no picture and I don't think I would do the story justice by telling it, as I was not actually there.

But enjoy these pictures!

Also, read this:

"It is a perverse human attitude to imagine that birds sing when they are happy. Humans do not - humans sing most beautifully in pain and longing . . . people very rarely sing for joy." -John Steinbeck




Bryan said...

Remember back at Prov, when the one girl in your dorm got a frame for her bed that had spider eggs in it, and they hatched, and there were loads of baby spiders all over the place.

This post reminded me of that.

Oh wait, you don't like spiders, you probably didn't want to be reminded of that. Well, too late now.

Stephen said...

Hehehe... the tent bed. What a classic. You know that the most effective method of removing spiders is to kill them. I hear shoes work really well, or brooms maybe.

Kara said...

yeah for tent beds. you are awesome!

Kris and Busisi said...

welcome back tent bed..you were missed

Jess said...

It's too bad spiders feel the need to join our human world indoors...hope the tent works out for ya! I took Ayii to the Cannes Festival and there was a commercial with a spider in it that you would definitely not handle well..I was wincing the whole time. ah. Just a commercial.
Interesting Steinbeck quotation...I see some truth to it...but i still sing when i'm happy!

/rach said...

I want a tent bed. I haven't seen any cockroaches yet, but that doesn't mean I don't hide under my covers thinking about them all night.

Blender said...

Hooray for the tent bed. I'm so glad you posted a picture of it so now I can imagine you zipping up all snug in your tent bed, safely out of harms reach of any preying spider. Oh Bre!!
Sorry I missed you at Prov. Thanks for the note on my office door.