Wednesday, July 12, 2006

it's a new day

this is how i feel today. a mixture of both.

a poem:

But today is going to be different
You can stop the leak when you know where the hole is
Cause a thousand yesterdays have kicked the crap right out of me
But today I'm going to throw a few of my own punches
I'm gonna drink from the living water
I'm gonna eat from the broken bread
And the day I finally get into heaven
Ends the war between my heart and my head
- Miranda Stone

thanks for all of your support during tough times, friends.


Ernie said...

Every day should be looked at in this way. The past is finnished and cannot be changed. Each day is new and full of endless possibilities. The only restrictions are the ones we impose on ourselves. You're awsome Bre. Make the most of today.

JAnie & DAve said...

I like that although grumpy bear (that is grumpy bear yeah?) is grumpy, he still has hearts all over his belly. Meybe he should be called "love during the rainy times" bear.

I am going to email you now!
Love Janers

kris jablonski said...

brina...i love you and will continue praying for you...we have to get together when i get back...until then, know that this is only a bump in the road and that bumps do go away. They just might need a little work...i'll meet you in the prayer closet if you want...he he