Monday, July 05, 2010

shakespeare and star trek

hello friends
i don't have very profound things to say today. except that i feel really happy. i guess that's profound enough?

july marks a new season of life - a time of preparation! for exciting stuff come september

i started my new job today at CCEDNET and it felt super comfortable. this working part-time thing is pretty glorious. i am typing on my new laptop - have been saving up for this for like 5 years. have been using my new ipod - the tools on it are way more useful than i thought, and i am super enjoying how streamlined it has made a lot of things in life. i am really shocked at how much i use it for practical purposes (i am not so shocked about how much i use it to play tiki totems, but am working on cutting down . . . ). i am looking forward to 2 months of really intense self-exploration and all of the anger, joy, release that brings. maybe my expectations are a bit high for 2 months, but i am determined to work pretty damn hard at this. i think i might need to buy a new journal soon...

september starts anew with classes and my job at UNPAC - filled with lots of new challenges and lots of exciting people. i am looking forward to everything. this is a very new feeling for me! i want september to be a rebirth in all ways spiritual. i am working very hard to reach that goal!

here's to the undiscovered country . . . i'll keep you all updated!

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Sabrina said...

Just caught up on some posts... congrats on the whole stepping out and God responding business!! LOVE it.

You are so inspiring, dear friend. Would love some face time with you, so if you ever feel like hanging out (with me and two small people), please let me know. I'm home full time again.

Happy self-exploration. I hope you are able to uncover how lovely you truly are.