Tuesday, January 05, 2010



I’m glad you’re reading this.

Anyway . . .

A number of people have asked me if I am making any New Year’s resolutions for 2010. I guess I just might seem like the type to do so?

Well, I am. Sort of. But I normally make these resolutions around my birthday, which I find much more of a significant milestone.

On my 29th, I made a commitment to pursue 3 things this year: courage, movement, and self-love. I also forced my close friends to participate in a bizarre birthday ritual focusing on these 3 pursuits (thanks for doing that with me, friends). These three words are very powerful to me, and have been shaping my life and my everyday activities over the past 2 months.

What is good about new year’s is that it comes exactly 2 months after my birthday. It is an opportunity to remember the commitments I have made, to refocus and regroup. What I LOVE about New Year’s is that it always feels so fresh, so promising, like an opportunity to start anew. It reminds me of the resurrection of Christ, of being reborn, of all the promises in Paul’s letters about who we truly are in Christ. New Year’s reminds me that everyday I have the opportunity to start over, to start fresh and clean, to remember that I am clothed in Christ and that through Christ’s person and actions that I am made brand spanking new. The imagry of being clean is powerful to me today, and sort of makes me cry. I guess that’s connected to my need to work on self-love.

So New Year’s reminds me of who I am. And the commitment I have made to myself to keep exploring who I am, keep exploring Christ, and to try and hold true to all that I have learned in this life, and to hold true to who I understand myself and Christ to be. And it reminds me of the abundant grace that has been offered to me, the wonderful gift that I have and my ability to wake up every morning with a clean slate. To be reminded that I am a forgiven and renewed being, free from any blemish deadly enough to separate me from the Love of God. Also theoretically free from anything significant enough to separate me from loving myself. Which I guess is still a lesson I need to learn . . . .

Grace Grace Grace

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