Monday, September 29, 2008


hey everyone

i know my posts have been a bit formal lately . . . a bit impersonal, especially considering what this blog once meant and once said about a year ago.

things have been moving so fast in life, and so dramatically . . . many ups and downs and turns. it is sort of overwhelming at times. for a while it was exciting, now is sort of disheartening. i am not sure where it will take me.

so, sorry for the impersonal posts, and such. though i long ago committed to intentionally communicating the hard thoughts and feelings to friends and out in the blogosphere, it has become obvious that some struggles are not appropriate for such a venue.

today i feel lost, and stuck, and somewhat directionless. even in this post.

anyway, just wanted to say i am still here. still wrestling/dancing/fighting/laughing with God and trying to find out our way together in this world.

i am antsy

is that even a real word?

to all of those who have helped on this journey . . . thank you.

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Tricia said...

I Love you Bre!