Wednesday, July 23, 2008

yeah. i do this stuff now.

Greetings, cyberspace comrades.

So things are shaking in the Social Justice World. And I'm sticking my nose in wherever possible.

Last week my friend David and I recorded two podcasts - one with Shane Claiborne and the band the Psalters, the other with David and I talking about SCM.

I am no radio expert. And some of the things I said I now consider to be mildly embarassing. But you can check out the podcasts here.
Warning - For you Shane Claiborne fans, the Interview is mostly with the Psalters and Shane only speaks briefly. Plus, the first 10 minutes or so are newsbriefs, so feel free to skip past them to get to the real good stuff.

Another warning - it's all pretty heavy and political. Deep stuff. I switched topics a lot because I often didn't know what the hell they were talking about. They talk too fast. Crazy Psalters.

In solidarity,

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