Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Alaska Diary Day 6 - On the way home

So, we are on our way back to Vancouver. But there are still lots of cool things to do.

First, I forgot to tell you about our stellar day through the Inside Passage. Our cruise ship maneuvered its way through this relatively narrow passage – the pictures below show just how narrow it was. See how close we are to those mountains? The other side of the ship looks just the same. It felt like we were squeezing through!
This is where Mom dropped her camera on the desk, and it broke, which is why she looks a bit unhappy.
It was so cool to be on the ship during this time. It was so cold, but so beautiful.
Check out the picture below – there is a mountain goat! You can’t really see him, so I drew a little box around him just to show you which little white spot is actually goat-like. Isn’t that wild? Who the heck would live on there?

It is on this day that I literally had the worst hour of my life. First I ate a dessert with nuts in it. Eating was a challenge on this trip - normally it's not a big deal and nothing that I really need to worry about, but since all of the food served was so fancy, they put nuts in lots of things. I thought I was safe eating this dessert because I ate one just like it the day before with no problem. But apparently today was special and they decided to put nuts in it. jerks. Then I went to go eat at the Pasta bar. Pretty cool. You pick your pasta, sauce, and toppings, and they fry it up for you right in front of you. Or at least it was cool until I found out that they just used the same fry pan over and over again without washing it and that some people chose to put pine nuts into their pasta. My allergy to pine nuts is different than my allergy to other nuts. Normally I can detect nuts right away and my throat swells up. But pine nuts don't affect me until about an hour later and it give me VERY itchy hives all over my body. It wasn't cool. I was in my stateroom when it happened and went crazy and was hoping for somebody to come and help me or at least give m some good sympathy, but alas, nobody showed up. So I had 2 allergic reactions, plus got something else bad which is too womanly to speak of here, all within the same hour! Pretty funny, now that it's over.

After my crazy hive attack, Janessa and I headed over to the Nintendo Wii challenge. Everybody who signed up got to play in the Wii tennis tournament and had a chance at playing in the championships on the last day in the main theatre and got to play for prizes. I almost made it to the championships, but wasn't quite good enough. I really wish I would have known beforehand so that I could have practiced more on our Wii at home, but haven't played tennis there for so long I was pretty rusty. Lisa and Janessa tried out too, but none of us made it. Oh well.

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Kara said...

Loved the mountain goat. Sorry I was anti social when I got home last night. Hope you and Bonnie had a good time together.