Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Alaska Diary Day 4 - Wednesday May 9 2007

***Hey! I am off to Saskatoon and New York, so don’t expect any posts until June 18thish!***

Today we stopped off in Juneau, the capital of Alaska. It is a nice town, but not as nice as Ketchikan as it is a bit too big and governmental. We chose to go on the "glacier and garden tour." First we visited a glacier. It was pretty cool – both because it looked cool and because it was freaking freezing. The glacier acts as a giant air conditioner in the valley. It was a stellar valley, by the way. As I am a lover of museums, I was pleased to find out that there was a good interpretive centre there as well. Although the 1970’s glacier video they showed us was a bit ridiculous. Glaciers are pretty – it was fun to see non-Manitobans so excited about seeing a big hunk of ice.

After the glacier we headed off to a place called "Glacier gardens." It was a place this guy carved out on his property in the area of a temperate rainforest. Saw lots of trees. They were very beautiful and it was cool riding in the golf carts to the top of the hill to be able to look down at the city, though mom was freaking out because she was afraid of heights. It was very pretty - the pictures don’t do it justice for sure. Didn't have much time to do shopping, though, which saddened many of us, but really, it was probably a good thing considering we can’t take much back in our suitcases.

While the rest of us went on this tour, Lisa and Jan went ziplining through the forest. Some pictures of them are below.

In the evening we saw a really good show, called Cirque Pan. It was fabulous! Sort of like Cirque De Soleil.

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