Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i'm in love with an old sexy biologist

Last night I splurged and bought a ticket to go see David Suzuki at the Walker Theatre. It was STELLAR.

I took some pictures with my camera phone, but they didn't turn out too well, which isn't surprising. I got 3rd row. I think he even spit on me once which made me excited. Just kidding.

It is so inspirational to hear somebody of his calibur speak about his passion so succinctly and so clearly. He's such a great man, so gentle yet at the same time so strong in his demands on government and citizens to do their part. He makes lots of sense.

I wish I could tell you specifically what he said that was so great, but everytime I put it in my own words, it sounds sort of silly. Such obvious things. The environment is our responsibility. We NEED to do things TODAY to protect our climate for our children and for humanity itself. It is our obligation to live up to agreements such as Kyoto and others. And he was very insistent that we make these changes through politics (among other methods). National policies and laws dealing with the environment are the only way to create the change that is needed.

Oh, plus I got a stellar button with David Suzuki's afro. SWEET.


/rach said...

Yeah, that afro is stinkin' HOT. I was sitting at the very, very top where I got dizzy. Dizzy from LOVE.

I wanted to get him to sign my chest so I could tattoo it on to myself later.

But buddy talked me out of it.

JAnie & DAve said...

I was thinking the same thing. The man is HAWT.

No, I totally wanted to be there, but things are way the heck too busy/stressful right now for such indulgences.

Cheri Dueck said...

I have loved David Suzuki since i was a pre-schooler....I didn't even know he had been in town until i heard all the stuff this morning on the radio about his so-called hypocrisy b/c he's doing this tour in a fossil-fuel spewing bus.... nobody's perfect...

Anonymous said...

i've always said that if there was a celebrity I'd have an affair with it would be david suzuki. but when I saw him last week, I decided it was actually the younger david suzuki that I felt this about.
I am both delighted and weirded out that so many others felt the same way ...