Thursday, June 29, 2006

what can i say? i have fallen hard. ernie, this is for you.

"You Owe Me Nothing In Return." By Alanis Morisette. For my hot Mexican. this is us.

I'll give you careless amounts of outright acceptance if you want it.
I will 'll give you encouragement to choose the path you want if you need it.
You can speak of anger and doubts, Your fears and freak-outs and I'll hold it.
You can share your so-called shamefilled accounts of times in your life and I won't judge it.
And there are no strings attached,

You owe me nothing for giving the love that I give.
You owe me nothing for caring the way that I have.
I give you thanks for receiving, it's my privilege,
And you owe me nothing in return.

You can ask for space for yourself and only yourself and I'll grant it.
You can ask for freedom as well or time to revel and you'll have it.
You can ask to live by yourself or love someone else and I'll support it.
You can ask for anything you want Anything at all and I'll understand it.

This is the only kind of love
As I understand it that there really is.

You can express your deepest of truths Even if it means I'll lose you and I'll hear it.
You can fall into the abyss On the way to your bliss And I'll empathize with.
You can say that you'll have to skip town To chase your passion and I'll hear it.
You can leave and hit rock bottom have a mid-life crisis and I'll hold it.

This is the only kind of love
As I understand it that there really is.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Our Niagara and Toronto blog has been updated. To save you the trouble of going there, here is the post:

My man Ernie has calculated how much we walked during our trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto. He figures that we walked 14 kms in Niagara, and 26 km in Toronto, for a total of 40 kms!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


"how dearly i paid for those happy periods when the presence of God was so real, for this possession which seemed to me so perfect was but the preparation for the times of total deprivation." -Madame Guyon

Monday, June 12, 2006


When you don't eat sugar
a free cookie
is like a free penlight
you don't really need it
you don't really have a use for it
when you really think about it, you don't even want it
but even so,
it is still hard not to take.

nude beaches
are like Neelix from Voyager
simply a bad idea all the way around
but you still can't help but watch

a cup of decaffinated coffee
is like an escalator
no matter how hard it tries, it can never really justify its existence

is like rat poison
its a stupid thing to eat

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Same old line - by The Five O'Clock People

maybe you´ll never know why
i stare off into silence sometimes
maybe you´ll never see
maybe that´s what scares me

it´s the same old line
if it makes you happy i´ll say that I´m fine
it´s the same old line
look in my eyes and i´ll lie everytime

Monday, June 05, 2006 hurts

Ok. So today I was surfing a desktop wallpaper site which I always use, clicked on the “insect” section and among the options were 4 different pictures of flies and hornets mating.

Who the heck wants that for their wallpaper? Ridiculous.

I was a social deviant today, in a strange way. I was walking down Spence to work after seeing my crazy chiropractor. It was so nice outside, and there were a bunch of people sitting on a front porch just hanging out. I, of course, ignored them because that’s what Winnipeggers do best. But they didn’t let me ignore them. When I walked by one of them said “good morning” in a way which startled me because it was the most sincere “good morning” I think I have ever received. It made me feel good. I said good morning back and smiled. And then realized how rude I was in the first place to ignore them sitting ten feet away from me. I was deviant because I didn’t say hi. And it was great. And now I want to live on Spence street. That’s awesome.

Anyway. Here is a picture of me wearing full makeup for the first time in my life. Enjoy.