Monday, June 12, 2006


When you don't eat sugar
a free cookie
is like a free penlight
you don't really need it
you don't really have a use for it
when you really think about it, you don't even want it
but even so,
it is still hard not to take.

nude beaches
are like Neelix from Voyager
simply a bad idea all the way around
but you still can't help but watch

a cup of decaffinated coffee
is like an escalator
no matter how hard it tries, it can never really justify its existence

is like rat poison
its a stupid thing to eat


JAnie & DAve said...

now now, don't be so hard on the wonderful saucy red stuff. i have a very good relationship with the sugar filled ooooz as it coats my french fry in artery clogging bliss.

i should stop eating that stuff.. and sugar too.
love ya gal,

Anonymous said...

Love the poetry! Where can I find more!?