Tuesday, December 05, 2006

thank you all . . .

. . . for thinking that i am cooler than I actually am.

Most of you thought that I chose Ace Burpee. Nay, you have too much faith in my coolness. I chose councillor Jenny Gerbasi. She is actually one of my local heros - she does great things to fight poverty and to fight for equality of everybody. So I will have lunch and bask in the wonder that is her for an hour. I am really looking forward to learning as much as I can from her.

Does anybody know that I am still considering politics as a career? Does anybody else know that Ace Burpee and I went to the same high school, knows my brother, and that I know his real name? I am afraid of being sued, so I won't tell you what it is.

More questions: Who the heck thought I would hang out with the Manitoba Hydro Guy? And who is it who still thought, and probably continues to think, that I didn't win this stellar prize? It is true. I will give you an update after it actually happens. I don't want to be a geek or anything and stalk her or whatever, but I would really like to have a picture taken of this momentous event. Would somebody be willing to hang out at the restaurant and take discreet pictures of us? You know, pretend you are taking a picture of the plant or the sexy lady at the table (me) but actually be taking a picture of me, Jenny Gerbasi, and the security guard who most likely accompanies her everywhere?

In other news. A bunch of wonderful sexy ladies chipped in around my birthday and gave me money to buy a drum. Thanks, girls! I have chosen one. Its very pretty. Unfortunatly nobody else is here to take my picture of me drumming on it, so i attempted to photoshop a pic of me playing a drum. It didn't work, as I don't have a picture of myself in that position. So then I tried to photoshop a picture of my head and hand onto it. It was creepy because I was a floating head and hand around this drum (my mom would like it, though). So then I tried to photoshop a body of a little person onto my head, but this particular little person was wearing all black so it didn't really turn out too well. So then I gave the person a yellow shirt. Yay!

Thanks, girls!

Oh, yeah. And check out this Adbusters article: Who Owns the Word Terror? It's interesting. Words are so powerful.



Kara said...

You are the most awesome person I know. Hey so yeah me for guessing that you would pick Jenny Gerbasi. Do I know you or what?
Love you!!!

Tricia said...

I also guessed that you would pick Jenny Gerbasi. Probably because that's who I would pick.