Thursday, December 14, 2006

are you supposed to peel turnips?

I’m such a loser

I cried twice already today, and it is only 8:30 am. First I cried when my bus came and the driver was dressed like Santa Claus and there were Christmas carols and he was so happy. That made me smile lots. But then I watched when at every bus stop people would get on, and then their faces would brighten so fast and there was such a feeling of commonality and goodness on their faces. There was something special and significant there, and it is all thanks to the bus driver who doesn’t have enough personal shame not to dress up like a badly dressed old fat man. I have lately begun to appreciate Christmas in ways which I haven’t before. Though not all in North America profess Christ, or may even understand what Christmas is all about, there is still something there holding people together. Something special about this time of year which everybody understands, even if it is just fleeting or very subtle. Something is there which brings strangers together in a very small way. And that is cool. And it made me teary.

Then I cried again when Quincy gave his life to save Madame Mina from the evil vampires. It was very touching.

Yesterday was the first time that I remember ever eating a turnip. I’m not even sure if I made it right. Are you supposed to peel turnips? It seemed like a good thing to do, so I did it. I made Stock with it. But now I have a half of a turnip left, but don’t quite know how to cook it. Any help? Janie? Martha? Luke? John? I claim ignorance in turnip-ness. Perhaps its not even a turnip at all, but was something which seemed to me might be a turnip at the time. There was a bin of 4 things, and one of the labels above was turnips so I took my best guess. Don’t mock me for my ignorance – it’s not my fault that my mother deprived me of turnips as a child.

Anyway. Happy Christmastime, all. That’s all for now.

Oh, yeah. Wait. I met with Jenny Gerbasi this week at Hy’s Steak House. SWANKY! It was fun, and I learned lots and also got 2 free tickets to a Hillbilly Burlesque show, dessert, and a picture for my wall (not of Jenny, of Portage avenue, though I think I can tape a picture of her in front of the MTS centre. We’ll see). It was great, and very eye-opening. Sometimes I think my calling is in politics, sometimes I think my calling is more pastoral, other times I think and wish I was called to more of an unemployed and hippie-ish type life where I eat the roots out of my backyard and spend all day trying to make a non-animal harming djembe out of berries and moose snot. Sigh. Where will the future lead? Who the heck knows?


Kara said...

Hey Bre,
I love Christmas time. It's probably my most favorite time of the year because everything seems so happy and good. It's rare that we get to see that in our world. You are totally right when you say that it brings a unity to everyone.
So turnips hey? Well I've never actually had a turnip, or at least not that I am aware of so I can't help you with the peeling thing. I guess my ignorance is the same as yours. Oh how I want to be like you:)
I pray that God would continue to guide you down the path he has laid out for you. When you are on that path it's going to be one awesome crazy adventure and I can't wait to walk beside you!
Love you lots!

kris jablonski said...

about the turnips, a holiday isn't a holiday with turnips on the table at the jablonski household...however, i have no clue how my mom makes them...the way that she prepares them is very much like mashed potatoes i think...she cuts them up and boils them and then mashes them up...i think that is about it, but i'll check with her...can't say i enjoy them, but my brother and dad throw a fit if they are not on the table at any special there you go. Us Jablonski's are good for something...he you kiddo and i wish you the best Christmas ever...if you ever turn into a hippie eating roots, i'll share the roots in my backyard with you...anytime...

love you kiddo, stink :)

Jess said...

search "turnip recipies" on google and voila. with mashing them, i think you just need to add butter and/or some cream. whatever you make, i'm sure it'll be turniplicious!

Tricia said...

I cry all the time, for completely random reasons. Well it's usually related to my period in some form, but not always... So, I know you're probably busy, but where's my email reply?

Also I'm glad some people love/like Christmas. I suppose it makes up for people like me, who are more annoyed than appreciative of it.

/rach said...

Don't stop writing, Bre. Then I'LL cry. I like knowing you; I like that you feel deeply. I'd rather feel a deep sense of sadness than a vague, general happiness, unaware of the hurtful things. But I WOULD like to share a connection like Santa on that bus. Do you have to be happy to do that? No. No, I don’t think so.