Monday, September 11, 2006

i have hit a new low

years ago i promised myself i would never ever ever live in a basement. this is due mainly to my fear of spiders. in case you never made the connection, spiders really really really like basements.

Well, due to financial reasons and a handsome, godly, incredible man running away with my best friend, i am now living in my brother's basement. which is at times cursed with the odd spider. the biggest problem here is when i am trying to fall asleep i always feel them crawling on me and i freak out. i have devised an ingenious (i think) solution to this problem. All summer i have slept in a bed on my tent.

spread the word! it works, although i can't really fully stretch out. but sometimes i can pretend i am just camping outside which is mostly fun until the bears try to eat me (and others who happen to be around). But besides the being eaten by bears part, things are pretty good.


by the way, i have added a "take some sweet action" section to the sidebar. I'll be posting some easy ways you can take action to promote some uber-important peace and justice issues. feel free (and feel encouraged) to click away!


JAnie & DAve said...

Sleeping on a tent in your bed sounds rough. We'd let you crash on our couch, but then cat would sleep on your face and that would probably be worse since it would cause you to die.

Be that as it may, return my phone calls!


Anonymous said...

Well my dear friend, I am not sure what to say, except that I think you are the most awesomest person I have ever known. You are so creative. Never in a million years would I ever think to put a tent over my bed. You are great and beautiful. Always know that you can always crash at my place.
love you babe!

Tricia said...

You are crazy Bre. Sleeping in a tent on your bed? Any job opportunities for me yet?

Although I shouldn't mock you for your oddness, I'm currently listening to Spice Girls...

kris jablonski said...

of all people who would think of putting her tent on her bed to avoid encounters with spiders, you would definately be the one...i'm proud of you for living up to the expectations i have in my head of you...i love you so much brina...

you really need to call me...we have things to talk about...i have things i want to tell me, or call or 362-8115

i hope to hear from you soon you crazy one...


JAnie & DAve said...

I love the tent! I liked our bonding time in the tent. The tent is the perfect place to be who you are. No spider would be dumb enough to crawl into the tent with you. We could get you a shot gun, and you could sit in your tent and blow away any spiders that are even in the bedroom. You would be safe and secure. Who needs a whole house for communal living, we could all just have tents. Space is over rated anyway

Cheri Dueck said...

Hey Bre! Long time no see! Sleeping in a tent on your bed sounds so random and so you. Hope you are doing well and I look forward to reading your blog.