Thursday, March 16, 2006

no soup for you

i feel pressure to write in order to keep my massive readership happy and satisfied, however, there does not seem to be a whole lot of things which have inspired me lately.

Well, maybe New Orleans.

What should we discuss today? Voluntary Simplicity? Minneapolis? The Congo? Communal living? Urban vs. Rural? There are many things that I am pondering, but none which I think are either particularly intersting to others, or which I have gotten myself to a point of being able to verbalize quite yet. poverty? The ridiculous price of brazzires? the fact that I don't know how to spell brazzires? babies? muppet figurines? The fact that i am really really bad at paying back my friends for muppet figurines? I am a bit ashamed about that one. how to keep daisies alive in my office? The harsh sting of betrayal and mistrust? The blueness of the sky? The sadness I feel that I can't make my easter gorilla make his gorilla noise because the volume is way way too loud and there are some anal people working in my office who wouldn't appreciate that, so he sits on the shelf taunting me with his bunny ears, just waiting and pleading for me to pull on his arm so that he can scream and shout for joy? The oppressive nature of cocoa beans? The stupidity of having a monthly period? The fact that the u.s. is spending billions of dollars on a war but none of health care for its citizens or on reconstruction efforts in new orleans? racism?

how can i fix the world when there are so many things wrong with it? it seems a large task. oh, well.

otherwise. ramble ramble ramble. i am determined to take up my entire legally-required break today since i haven't taken one in a long time. technically i think its pretty much over. but first i want to make a little face sticking out his tongue.



Anonymous said...

you must write of these things on your mind... i need to hear it.

JAnie & DAve said...

Bre always makes the best blogs. Don't all y'all out there think Bre makes the best blogs? Way to go Bre.

I certainly share your frustration. There simply is too much in the world sometimes. Too many places to put your heart. Too many needs. Too many wants. Just too much, and it can be heartbreaking.

But, I do love the sound of an Easter Gorilla. In your honour, I have constucted a ASCII Gorilla.

(it didn't really work out, did it? Stupid non-Sariffs font)

anne said...

you really do make the best blogs... I always look forward to reading them.... That's really sad that the office people don't like your easter gorilla's beautiful sound... it makes me sad :'(

Miss you girl!