Sunday, January 29, 2006

I ain't nothing but a hound dog

So the day after the Conservatives get voted in, the Beliveau bus is severely late.
Coincedence? I think not.

ahhh. my heart grieves for the future of this country.

Anyway. enough of the drama. I'll give Stephen Harper a chance. Mostly 'cause I have no other choice. oh well.

enough of this politics crap. let's talk about real things. like weddings. no, not mine. goodness everybody settle down; all in due time. this week has been a week full of wedding stuff for odie's wedding. gotta say the crapulent wedding show was quite crapulent. do you know how much it costs to release doves at your wedding? Like hundreds of dollars. and its not like the company loses the doves; they just fly back to them. ridiculous. and do you know that you can take pole dancing lessons? sweet. janie and i are signed up already. we got the "lower extrematies deal." You can learn how to pole dance, lap dance, AND discover your pelvis. anybody want to join? no, NO BOYS ALLOWED.

Do i even have a pelvis? pelvis rhymes with Elvis. I think there are more pictures of Elvis in my parent's house than there are pictures of me. oh well. Maybe if I die of a self-inflicted drug overdose my parents will pay more attention to me.


Just random thoughts.

Million dollar question: who sings this song lyric? "Heaven has a ring around you." Hint. one of my fav bands, although sometimes the lyrics are pretty cheesy.

God is so fricking intangible and that depresses me this week. Its all so complicated. I don't even know what it means to follow Him anymore, or to love Him or to serve Him. Any ideas?


Sarah said...


do I win a prize?

Sarah said...

Oh, and as for your last question, no... no ideas. we're in the same boat there, i think.

anyway, look at me commenting on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Tricia wants to take pole dancing lessons! I'm all in. What about if we took pole dancing and Norwegian lessons at the same time! Wouldn't that be fun?

JAnie & DAve said...

OHH LA LA... when do pole dancing lessons start! I am glad tricia is in too... she's got the moves, and isn't afraid to show off a little rear end from time to time! Tee hee. I like bre's blog, it says funny things..