Monday, January 09, 2006


one year ago today i was sitting in my car . . . upside down in a ditch . . . with my best friend . . . in my beautiful Pontiac Sunfire, may Max rest in peace.

a year. though there are still very real repercussions from this day, i am glad to see this anniversary come and will be even happier to see it go. Bad things have come . . . I still have back pain from this day. had to write off my car which I worked so hard to pay off and upkeep. dealt with some emotional guilt with almost killing my best friend. but overall i look at that day as one of more blessings than curses. we were blessed that we had our seatbelts on. blessed to not hit the hydro pole. blessed to hit soft, fresh snow. and indescribably blessed to have a wonderful Christian man come and dig us out of our dark car. blessed to have another wonderful Christian man come pick us up and take us to a movie even though that turned out to be a very unsmart thing to do . . . what can i say, we weren't thinking clearly. I have grown. Grown to respect the ice more. grown to forgive myself for allowing this to happen to my best friend in the car with me (thanks to Tig for your help on this one). i am indescribably thankful to autopac whose adjusters made the whole situation relativly easy, and were most willing to help out with my accident insurance claims and such and who gave me, I believe, a fair price for my smashed car. Throughout my years as a Manitoba driver and my ridiculously high amount of collisions they have always impressed me with their customer service and help during personally hard circumstances. I know everybody seems to hate Autopac, but I have always found them to be very easy and fair to work with.

So . . . just some reflections. I have found in my life that there are always always good things that happen along with bad, and I think that this can be attributed to nothing but the grace and goodness of God. Redemption. Beautiful.

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JAnie & DAve said...

Hey Bre,

I don't really know what to say, but I just wanted to leave a comment and say that I'm very glad that you and Odie made out as well as you did. Thank Goodness indeed.

And thank you for reminding us that there is always good in everything.

Dave C