Monday, January 03, 2011


hello friends

so...i missed posting last week. caught that flu that's been going around. Day 10 and i am still not completely ok.

wow, life changes fast sometimes. it feels like this entire year has been one large soap opera with dramatic things happening almost weekly. its kept my counsellor on her toes, i'll tell you that.

i've been in a really good space lately - really healthy and working through some past issues and past hurts which have been negatively affecting me. big things which have been haunting me for years, sometimes decades. i feel so stuck in these sometimes. i spent a day right before Christmas just praying and meditating - wow, its been a long time since i've done that. It was so good for me and brought a lot of clarity and healing and even forgiveness towards a situation i've been struggling with for a very long time.

i don't really know how to live this life. i wish i did. these patterns of small victories and major setbacks feels like it is getting very very old.

who the hell am I? maybe 2011 will bring some clarity.
probably not.


The Dissociative mind of a 23 year old girl said...

i find your stuff very intresting. i think if your intrested u would enjoy mine as well. be nice to hear from u. =)

Dream said...

Obviously your strong, because you haven't stop trying to find happiness.

Believe in love. Love of God for you. No one's perfect. No one.. but we all have good inside us. Happiness is a choice. We all have our burdens to carry. Keep on hoping. Keep on trying.

and believe in yourself.

Chelsea said...

I love your strong spirit. I admire you for calling God's name and talked to Him. Keep it up!

Get well soon.

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