Sunday, March 08, 2009

Commission Journal - another one. march 8. International Women's Day

Hey everyone

Its been awhile since I have documented here. Sorry for the lack of communication. Things are just so busy and by the time I get home I crash and go to bed, or debate theological constructs with my colleagues. Which is even more fun around glasses of wine . . .

Things are good. I am so blessed to be working with a fantastic team of women and men from around the world. I am learning so much from these people. What is sad is that we have lost 3 members now, as they had to go back home before the commission is over. It feels like we are incomplete; we already miss these team members – their skills, and their personalities. They bring so much laughter, joy, and commitment to the cause. It will be hard and certainy different to continue without them.

We have made some significant gains here – our larger delegation was chosen to read a verbal statement during one of the official UN meetings – this is a very rare priviledge for sure as there are over 200 NGOs represented here. Plus, within our larger delegation our smaller delegation of World Student Christian Federation students were chosen to make the address. This is so encouraging to us that we are seen to be an intregal part of this team – we certainly have worked hard for it! It was a very exciting and fulfilling moment to sit and listen to Veronica read our statement to the United Nations. We are working so hard here and so tirelessly, and it is great to see such tangible positive effects of our work.

Happy Women’s Day! March 8 marks the International Women’s Day. We spent the afternoon in a worship service where 3 of our group were involved in sharing stories about how their personal faith impacts their activist work. Listening to these stories, as well as the stories of other women from around the world, was fantastic, inspiring, very sad, and very hopeful. It was definitely meaningful. I feel so priviledged to be part of this experience.

Thanks for reading. There is so much I can say, but I feel that this keyboard is so limiting! I look forward to sharing my experiences more intentionally once I return. Plus I have committed to raising $500 for WSCF so that another student can get this experience next year. I am wresting with how best to do this – my favorite ideas right now include wine and beer tasting parties, a cheesecake affair, selling fair trade coffee, recording some drum songs, teaching drum lessons, etc. I have lots of ideas, but am not sure if they are cool enough . . . I’ll flush out this idea a bit more. But expect an invitation to something more than exciting . . .

Much love to you from New York.
Ill be home soon!


Anonymous said...

Wow - how exciting Bre - and crazy, and overwhelming, and well, exciting . . . keep posting!

gina said...

I am in awe of your experiences and your expression of them...and your fundraising ideas - crazy or not - are great!

Peace and strength to you.

Anonymous said...

Bre! You soooooooo Rock! miss you! susan

Sabrina said...

I'd make a cheesecake any time you want to sell it for exorbitant'd probably still be a deal considering the heinous prices of Baked just say the word.