Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hey everyone!

Life is good, fast, and I'm freaking out.

There has been so much good stuff going on. So much exciting justice work, good community experiences. Loving and working for Jesus and all that.

Just got back from San Francisco which is the cleanest, prettiest, most dangerous feeling city I've visited. What did we do in San Fran? We re-started North America, SCM-style. Boo-Yeah. And saw so many good people . . .

Last week was our Social Justice Fair, which was bigger and better than ever. This year we brought in a guest speaker, a woman who was exiled from Iraq becuase of her political poetry. It was a great event, and then our Social Justice fair the day after had a record 275 attending students!

I am freaking out about my very difficult UofM class - Masculinities - it is an upper level class and I am struggling with the content because I don't have as much background in Women's Studies as the other students do. But it is good and challenging. I am struggling to get all of my research papers done before i . . .

head to New York! I am the North American representative of the World Student Christian Federation to the UN's Commission on the Status of Women. This is a big deal - it is a 2 week program! I am determined to change the world.

I think in late March I will actually be able to breathe . . .

So that's what's going on. Justice, Jesus, and . . . really soul-feeding stuff.

I'm excited. And pumped. And LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE it.


~ L ~ said...

how great to hear you are finding your place and making your mark in the world! what's not to love about finding your purpose, hey?

Sabrina said...

Bre...so fabulous. Your globe trotting continues. I am glad I know you, you're going to and are making changes for Jesus...how beautiful. Bless you as you love him, love people.