Monday, January 28, 2008

radio suits my pallette...palete . . . pilates? i don't know how to spell that

OK, so I will be on the stellar UofW Radio Station, CKUW, on Wednesday morning (Jan 30th) to promote MSC's Social Justice Fair.

the show I am appearing on starts at 8 am, but I don't think I'll be on air until like 8:10 or so. probably 10-15 minutes worth of airtime.

i really hope I don't sound like a dork.

You're welcome to listen, if you are even up at that time. 95.9 fm. If you are outside of Winnipeg, you'll have some problems listening as the signal strength is pretty low. But you can listen online, if you wish.

First time on radio. Let me know if I sound semi-intelligent.



Bryan said...

Ummm I think you mean 95.9. Cause I'm pretty sure the U of W's station is not CHVN. Simple mistake, I'm assuming that's where you turn to all of your P.O.G. needs.

bre said...

i'm a loser.
corrected! thanks, Bryan. Thanks also for the POG reference. I deserved that.