Wednesday, December 19, 2007

uncommissioned plug

Aqua books, my favorite used bookstore in the 'peg, currently located in the Exchange district, is moving to the downtown core. AND they are opening a bistro. This will, I think, nicely fill the hole that will be left once McNally Robinson ditches the downtown core for the big box area of polo park.

The owner has created a fun, informative, and amusing video about the move. Check it out here. He's pretty funny.

Also, they host ideaExchange, a lecture/discussion series on spiritual and Christian issues. Super challenging stuff gets thrown around. They have podcasts on their website. Definitly not light listening - it's pretty deep.

They are also amusing. Recently, Aqua books got into a spat with Campbell Soup company for using the Campbell's soup logo on their t-shirts. Check out the letter exchange here. Glad to see some people still have a sense of humor, and I am even more glad some people decide to fight corporate anality (yes, i think i just made up that word. It fits). Check out the info, it's fun.

Cool place. I recommend it.


Kelly Hughes said...

Thanks Bre. I just gave you an uncommissioned link.


chris said...

Yeah, I hate stupid McNally-Robinson. Mind you, I worked for them and was treated like crap, so perhaps I'm biased...

Still, BOO McNally!

~ L ~ said...

that letter from Kelly was brilliant! had me laughing sooo hard! I actually just happened across this book store the other day after cleaning the house and with a pile of books to get rid of I surfed the net and found them. I think it will also be a new favorite shop.

BTW, hope you had a great holiday season! Lori