Tuesday, October 31, 2006

26 on 31

"it's a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life."

I think that is from a Michael Buble song, but I'm not sure. nevertheless, it has been in my head for the last few days.

today i am 26. and have decided to start my new life today. to make not only new life resolutions, but a whole new beginning.

This is cool. I don't quite know what this means, honestly, and I accept the fact that it may only last about 2 more hours. but i have decided to step forward starting today, to look at the past not as something to be continually longed for, but more as a guideline, a "lonely planet" as to how I want to live out my future. to be thankful for experiences which, though may have turned sour, were really really good at that moment and deserve to be cherished. to look back with fondness at my relationships with very good people, and to focus on that and not the sometimes devestating loss of these relationships and these people in my life. to go with the flow more, to practice experiencing joy, not take myself or life too seriously when life does not warrant it, and to take myself super seriously when the moment demands it - when there is injustice, when there is oppression, when things which are urgent but unimportant take precedence over things which are important but non-urgent. To see how much more important it is to appreciate a sunset, a game of puppet show, the beauty of a quiet moment, to see how much more important these things are than other urgent silly things such as work deadlines, car maintenance - to focus on my goals, to really prioritize what is truly important, to love and serve God with my entire life and to continue the dance that we have started so many years ago.

I realize this is very abstract. sorry about this.

I am committed to the following:
1. Being less dramatic. That is, not to heighten situations to points where they should not be heightened, and not looking for negative attention through unnecessary drama.
2. Simplifying my life. In terms of possessions, but mostly in terms of my schedule. I have no idea how I am going to fix my crazy schedule problem. But I am committed to a life ethos of focusing on the important, even though at the time there may be more urgent but unimportant tasks. Please help me figure this out.
3. To be myself, passionately and unashamedly. To see truth - to love myself as a true creation of God with wonderful gifts, abilities, and attributes. To find a balance between challenging myself to become more and to grow yet embrace the person who i am at that moment. To allow myself the grace to continue when i fall. To "go with the flow" a bit more (that one's for you, Odes).

I will fail at these, for sure. But that's ok - its a process and i think new lives take a bit of practice, so its all good. any help from my friends is greatly appreciated (I have the BEST friends, by the way. They are all stellar, and I am truly blessed).

Happy Birthday to me,


JAnie & DAve said...

Happiest Birthday Bre! You are a beautiful, strong person that i admire and look to for love, friendship, and advice. I learn from you. Thank you friend.
I have some tasks to complete for tonight, just for you! Have a really great day celebrating you.. and let everyone know they should be doing the same.
Loving Bre,
ps, I think alot of the things you want to start anew on are really truly deeply engrained in you and you do live these things out. I admire your passion to live them out as strongly as you possibly can. There is no failing just little trips here and there... not that kind of trips.

Bill Cosby said...

Happity Birthday there, Serberino!

Why, I have to say that I cannot believe that it's your birthday!

Give me a call, we'll hang out.

The Bare Naked Ladies said...

'Sup Bre!

We've just finished cutting our lastest album, how about our next tour makes a stop at your place? We'll bring the KD.

-Steve, BNL

Alanis Morissette said...


I love your blog for f****** much. Thank you for putting your thoughts out there. Your words are an inspiration to me.


"Weird Al" Yankovik said...


Where ya been? I never see you anymore!! We've TOTALLY gotta hang out sometime, you me and HARVEY!

Hey, you should join my myspace buddy list! I'm trying to make #1!


Uncle Phil said...

Greeting Sebrina, and a very happy birthday to you!

I've been so busy lately, between my job as the city top judge and containing the outbursts of my upstart nephew, that I haven't had a chance to call. Please except my appologise, and have a wonderful day.

-Phillip Banks

JAnie & DAve said...

Wow, BRE!

I never knew you had such illustrious companions!! Will any of these fabulously famous people be dropping by tonight for the Shindig? (please note Firefly reference)

So, I agree with everything Janie said (except the bit about having a ton of stuff to do for tonight. I've already done my stuff). But you're really cool, and I totally agree with that part!

I'm totally going to do my best to be there this evening. It's going to ROCK!

Way to go Bre!

edythe said...

Happy Birthday Bre! You are so very very cool! I like you and think you're wonderful. Hope the rest of your birthday is a blast.

Anonymous said...


Kara said...

Happy Birthday To You!!!!
Happy birthday dear friend. I was very touched by your blog. Your friend Janie said it perfectly, you are beautiful strong person who I admire and love. I want to echo her words. You are a wonderful friend and full of so much laughter and happiness. My hope for you is that you would continue to grow in God and that this upcoming year would be filled with much joy! I admire you for the words you have spoken in your blog. Those are some incredible goals and I am excited to both be a part and watch from the sideline as you begin this new life of yours. So, with that said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BRE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!

p.s. could you hear my beautiful singing voice? Oh and I have some crazy tai chi moves to show you from my class. We will begin lessons on saturday! love you lots!

Tricia said...

Happy Birthday Bre!!! Am I going to miss a big adventure and lots of fun by not being around for your birthday? Am I going to miss pole-dancing?

Lots of love,


Cheri Dueck said...

Happy belated birthday and halloween! Wow, you know a lot of famous people. Can you introduce me to The Cos sometime?