Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mennonites are Great

Check out this article:

The Economics of Shalom

Let me know what you think . . .


Zac said...

I think it's a great article. Challenges me and offers me some practical advice on how to live more "justice shalom" minded. This quote stood out to me:

" it is important to seek out societal structures and systems that operate according to the economics of wealth and advocate for changes. This is a huge problem since basically the entire global economy is one of the economics of wealth"

As I was reading the article, I thought of how frustrating it is to advocate for justice in a world that is so blatantly structured against justice. It makes me sad and almost paralyzed by the complexity of the situation -- that I think is where the trouble comes. In "justice shalom" being such a huge need -- and the solution being seemingly so complex, most people will just give up -- "it's too difficult" or "I can't really make a difference" -- I'm choosing to not believe those words today and I am going to try hard to do what I can to advocate, by my words and actions, for justice shalom! Peace out.


Tricia said...

I printed it and I'll read it later. Much love, hugs and kisses!

Lori said...

This sounds like a great topic for the YAG event on Sept.23 - discussing and praying for a social issue.
You find the most thought-provoking stuff....keep it up!

Tricia said...

Thanks for the article Bre. It fits in perfectly with a project I'm working on here about justpeace.